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This course explains the different Quantity Surveying templates created by me for effective post contract cost management.

You can download these templates and use it in your professional life.

By the end of this course, you will learn the below :

Prepare a perfect payment application summary for the interim payment applications.

Able to properly track both the inward and outward payments specific to the project.

Efficiently monitor and update the variations and claims status of the project.

Create price comparison sheets for a transparent Procurement process.

Claim all the in store major materials of the project before it is installed at site.

How bank guarantees play a role during various stages of the project.

Cost Management will turn out to be simple and effective once you understand the different templates explained in this course and start using it in your job.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Quantity Surveying
  2. Post Contract
  3. Cost Management
  4. Payment Application
  5. Material on Site
  6. Payment Tracker
  7. Variations
  8. Claim Management
  9. Bank Guarantees
  10. Price Comparison Sheet
  11. Procurement
  12. Contract Administration
  13. Contracts Management