Quantity Surveying Building Estimation With Cad And Excel

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Course Description

Complete Updated Course Last Update 05/2021

Welcome to Quantity Surveying /Building Estimation online training course. it is focused on practical application of Estimation using Auto Cad & M.S Excel

This course is a field oriented course and contains real examples and a full fledge real project for better understanding

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to Estimate Any Building Project (From Foundation To Finishing)

Major Topics That We Will Learn In This Course:

  • Quantity Of Substructure (Isolated Footing)

  • Quantity Of Sloped Footing

  • Quantity Of Raft Foundation

  • Quantity Of Superstructure (Columns,Beams Masonry, Slab,Finishing Work)

Bar bending Schedule:

  • Bar-bending Schedule Of Isolated Footing

  • Bar-Bending Schedule Of Raft Foundation

  • Bar-bending Schedule Of Column Necks And Columns

  • Bar-bending Schedule Of Beams

  • Bar-bending Schedule Of Stairs

  • Bar Bending Schedule Of Slab

  • Bar-Bending Schedule Of Two Way Slab

Rate Analysis Of Different Works:

  • Rate Analysis For Excavation

  • Rate Analysis For Plain Cement Concrete (P.C.C)

  • Rate Analysis For Reinforcement Concrete (Column Beam And Slab)

  • Rate Analysis For Masonry Work

  • Rate Analysis For Plaster Work

  • Rate Analysis For Tile Work

  • Rate Analysis For Paint Work

Material Statement :

  • Material Statement In Excel

Bill Of Quantity (B.O.Q)

  • Bill Of Quantity For A Project According To CSI Codes

Mode Of Payments To Contractor

  • Interim Payment

  • Advance Payment

  • Secured Advance

  • Petty Advance

  • Mobilization Advance

  • Procedure To Create Interim Payment In Excel From Scratch.

Excel Training For Beginners

  • As Excel Is Important For This Course So I Have Add Basic Training And Formulas For Those Who Are Beginners In Excel

Auto-cad Training

  • As Auto-cad Is Also Essential For This Course So I Have Also Included Auto-cad Training For Those Who Are Beginner In Auto-cad

Expected Outcomes

  1. Estimation Of Complete Project Through Auto-cad And Excel
  2. Bar bending Schedule Of Foundation,Columns,Beams,Slab,Stairs, In Excel
  3. How to Find Material Like Cement,Sand,Coarse Aggregates,Bricks
  4. Complete Material Statement In Excel
  5. Rate Analysis For Different Works Like ,Excavation, P.C.C, R.C.C, Masonry, Tiles, Plaster, Paint In Excel
  6. Will Learn How to Create B.O.Q Of Project
  7. Mode Of Payments To Contractor
  8. Interim Payment In Excel
  9. Microsoft Excel For Beginners
  10. Auto-cad 2020 For Beginners