QUANTUM REIKI Mastered Healer Certification by Antojai®

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Course Description

Antojai's Quantum Reiki is the most powerful form of reiki that is available today. This style of Reiki will put all other Reiki classes to sleep forever, as this will be the final reiki class you will ever have to take again. Students learn Levels 1, 2, and Master in this Quantum Reiki Course. All students who complete the course have the opportunity to be accredited and internationally recognized by the International Antojai Organization as a Mastered Quantum Reiki Healer. You will receive a certification from Antojai Shamanic Wellness as proof of your work.

Major take aways from this course:

Learn any Reiki modality instantly after taking this course

Heal yourself and your friends at a Quantum level

Evolve your existing Reiki skill to the max

All Levels welcome

Learn how to be a Master Reiki HEALER

Students will proceed to Grand Master Level if they choose to become teachers.

(Future Teachers graduate to the Grand Master Level where you will learn how to attune others to this modality)

Research Development taken from Antojai Quantum Alchemy Healing

By Axél Alberto Carrasquillo Msc.D.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Apply high energy Reiki at a quantum level
  2. Expand all their existing healing skills
  3. Heal the core of your trauma, and that of others
  4. Be able to learn any Reiki Style after this course INSTANTLY
  5. Heal pets, plants, and the environment
  6. Become a CERTIFIED QUANTUM REIKI HEALER with the Antojai Organization.