Raising Consciousness Through 4 Tools Of Spiritual Masters

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Course Description

Since the existence of Mankind, there have been many Spiritual Mystics that have roamed our planet. These mystics either have got revelations from something beyond this world, or they have had their own moments of realization, awakening or enlightenment, that have changed their own lives and lives of others. This course presents 4 tools based on such teachings of ancient mystics like Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, 20th-century mystics like Paramhansa Yogananda and Osho, and modern-day mystics like Neale Donald Walsch, Joe Dispenza & Eckhart Tolle. These tools, concepts, and meditations hold the potential to transform your life.

By the end of the course, you will:

1. Have an understanding of some important spiritual concepts that hold the potential to transform your life

2. Have some specific tools that will help you raise your consciousness and connect to your soul

3. Have some specific tools that will help you find the purpose of your soul and achieve sustained happiness

4. Have learned and experienced some meditation techniques which you can use daily to manifest the life that you desire

The course mainly covers the following topics

1. What is consciousness? What are the different levels of consciousness?

2. The meaning of existence

3. Decision-making techniques

4. Questions that can help you find the purpose of your life

5. Connecting to the soul

6. Intuition

7. Manifestation

8. The illusion of Time

9. Gratitude

10. Forgiveness

11. Attachment

12. The illusion of Need

13. Cultivating a meditative mind

14. Understanding the basics of Energy

Through this course, I wish to share my years of spiritual studies with you within a short span of time. I am going to present the teachings from these great Spiritual Masters in my own words. I hope you find a lot of value in this course. I look forward to serving you :)

With love & gratitude,

Saqib Rizvi

Expected Outcomes

  1. 4 Tools for Raising Consciousness
  2. Finding Life Purpose
  3. Manifesting Happiness
  4. Meditation
  5. Spirituality