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Learn how to create a Monolith using React and Laravel then Learn how to move from that app to Microservices.

In this tutorial you will learn: 

  • Create a SPA with React, Next.js and Laravel

  • Authenticate using Laravel Passport

  • Create Event-Driven Microservices with RabbitMQ

  • Use Docker for each Microservice

  • Internal APIs

  • Use Redis and Stripe

  • Use Redux

  • Restrict routes for unauthorized users

  • Upload PHP packages to packagist

If these are what you are looking for then this course is for you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Develop a Monolith then Break it to Microservices
  2. Event Driven Architecture with RabbitMQ
  3. Multiple Database Connections
  4. Upload PHP packages to packagist
  5. Internal API Calls
  6. Use Docker
  7. React and Next js with Typescript
  8. Redux
  9. Pay with stripe Stripe