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This video series will cover the methods and solutions to potential math problems seen on any given Real Estate exam. Part 1 will focus on 16 simple problem types that tend to appear most often. Then I will cover how to calculate commissions, taxes, and financing using three levels of problems (Easy, Medium, and Hard). Each video will focus on 1 unique question and will be solved step by step with emphasis on problem solving strategies.

If you are preparing for your Real Estate licensing exam, or just want to develop your test taking and problem solving skills this course will help you do just that.

*Disclaimer: Questions will not be taken from an actual exam, nor will I be able to provide you with detailed information about the exam itself (this would be considered a breach of real estate law)!* 

Expected Outcomes

  1. Be able to solve math problems pertaining to commissions, taxes, financing, and the top 19 most frequently occurring questions.
  2. Be able to answer math problems with 100% accuracy and speed.