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Real Pilates is hard-core training that will change your body from the
inside out. By teaching you to work out smarter, this online pilates class will build a
foundation you can use to transform your entire approach to exercise and shape,
sculpt and strengthen your entire body. Experience this core program, designed
to address each part of you from large muscle group to small and also challenge
your mind to become part of the new body you are about to build. Whether you
are new to Pilates or just want to reinvent your practice, this Real Pilates is the perfect way
to reset your fitness routine.

Welcome to Real Pilates.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn a new Pilates move each day of the week to build a full program
  2. A complete 30-minute bonus workout video
  3. Supplemental standing workout with photos and instructions
  4. Joseph Pilates’ 6 principles in theory and in practice
  5. Daily handouts with lifestyle tips
  6. The body-specific focus of each move in the program
  7. Modifications for each move
  8. Learn how each exercise will help you in your real life