REAL Stress Management for Moms of Kids Who Struggle

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Course Description

As a mom you have an enormous amount of stress on your shoulders. You are the central person taking the punches and negotiating the hardest battles. If your child has a chronic difficulty like a learning disorder or medical condition, your stress can be astronomical compared to other moms. You are at high risk to fall into depression or a toxic shame cycle, particularly in those moments when you feel so overwhelmed you lose your temper, yell at your kid, and then hate yourself for it. And if the bottom drops out of your relationship, that can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. This therapist and mom, will teach you effective tools that help you support yourself and your child skillfully in overwhelmingly difficult moments and help you bounce back from mistakes. This course provides you with REAL insights and action steps that will help you make painful situations into good secure attachment opportunities, and thrive in the toughest parenting moments.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Get tips from a psychologist for navigating life's most stressful parenting moments like when you yell at your kid and then you hate yourself.
  2. Effectively cope with the exhaustion, isolation and chronic worry that go with parenting a child with a learning disability or medical condition.
  3. React helpfully when you and your child are both over-stressed.
  4. Parent compassionately in difficult moments that feel impossible to get through gracefully.
  5. Avoid the hurtful effects of toxic stress.
  6. Teach and apply a "growth mindset", build self esteem, even when you or your kid mess up.
  7. Boost self care in moments when you feel hurt by how unfair and extra hard your child's situation is.
  8. Protect your relationship from growing distant or going negative, under stress.
  9. Repair and re-engage your relationship. Happy, united parents are better parents.
  10. Come back from parenting "mistakes" with effective repair conversations that model empathy, growth mindset and self love.
  11. Teach yourself and your child empathy and respect for the imperfect, well meaning, works in progress that we all are.