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Do you play an instrument and would like to record a song on your computer without the help of a producer?

Welcome to the course where, in a short time, you will learn how to record your first Rock song at home, with inexpensive equipment and a stunning result. I encourage you to watch the presentation video and listen to the song you will also be able to do at the end of the course.

I’m not a producer, not even a musician. I also went through a time when my guitar was recorded and plugged into my computer anyway, it sounded terrible! But as time went by (a lot of time) I learned how everything worked.

With this course I want to save you all the time you would have to spend reading and experimenting. I give you the keys to make recording music fun and leave the way open for your creativity.

In the course you will see the things to keep in mind before you start recording:

  • What components you need and how to connect them
  • How to set up everything you need to start sounding
  • Try, practice, record and mix
  • And the magical moment of sharing your creation

Lessons are short and to the point. You will put into practice what you have learned, step by step, until you have a song ready to listen to on the Internet. And most importantly, you’ll have your home-studio ready to start over with a new song.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will know how to set up a studio at home, record a song and protect it from plagiarism.