Reiki and Colour Therapy

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Course Description

Learn how to use the powerful techniques in Colour Therapy and Reiki to enrich your life and balance your mind and energetic body.

Create a Powerful Routine Including Reiki and Colour Therapy to Help You Solve Problems, Gain Clarity and Increase Your Awareness.

  • Learn how Colours and Elements can be used for self-balancing

  • Explore the power of Mandalas and Sacred Geometry

  • Develop your ability to see, sense and clear Auras

  • Analyze your dreams using advanced mental techniques

  • Receive Reiju from a Traditional Reiki Master

Release the energy and beliefs that are not serving you so you can embrace your full potential.

Reiki is an alternative healing method that was formally brought to the mainstream public in the late 1800's. Since then it has flourished and is used by practitioners in clinical settings as well as for self-treatments. Reiki addresses the body, mind and spirit and helps your body to highlight the areas that need to be balanced so your body can do the work it was intended to do. This course explores the essence of Reiki and what the founder Dr. Usui had originally intended his system be used for. You will learn centuries old techniques to help you explore your energetic body which is your root of balance.

Colour Therapy and the creative process of therapeutic art, can be incredibly helpful for a number of areas in our lives.

As well as the obvious advantages of facilitating relaxation and a sense of calm, it also offers us an opportunity to discover the many facets of our personality and learn about ourselves in a whole new way.

Even more significantly though, is the effectiveness of this expressive, creative form of therapy, when working through difficult or emotionally painful feelings.

From a safe sanctuary, we are able to explore any negative energy, giving us the confidence to address and resolve issues from the past and present, and helping us to manage our feelings in a more positive and productive way.

The therapeutic, creative process of self expression, will encourage and facilitate emotional and spiritual growth, promoting a happier and healthier you.

Colour therapy as an alternative balancing technique has been used for thousands of years, helping to shift physical, mental and energetic imbalances and is holistic and non-invasive. You will explore various colour therapy techniques to explore the frequencies of colour and how you can use them to help you. You will then use this information as you practice seeing auric fields. You will learn Reiki techniques that will teach you how to scan auras and chakras and then clear them.

You may already be familiar with meditation and Reiki or have a practice such as yoga in place that brings you calm. We created this course so you could learn effective techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime to bring that peace. Have you ever met someone who claimed to be spiritually or energetically advanced yet in day to day activities behave in a manner that defies that? This course explores the heart and soul of Reiki which is to help you increase your frequency. This shift can be powerful and impact physical and mental well-being.

In this course we will explore how Reiki can help you on your path to enlightenment and change your energy levels. You will create a special place in your mind's eye with advanced tools you can use to help you access collective consciousness, gain clarity and insight, connect with others and balance yourself.

You will learn about Elements both outside the body and within and utilize these powerful forces. You will learn how you can perform Reiki self-treatments that focus on each element so you can address specific issues you are wanting to heal.

You will also immerse yourself in Sacred Geometry and connect with these powerful visual mantras. You will learn how to let Reiki guide you and provide you with information you are seeking.

You will learn about the Tree of Life and explore its prevalence across time and cultures. You will connect and create your own Tree of Life which will serve as a rich and powerful place where you can ground and connect. You will also have the opportunity to explore your dreams and their meanings.

You will also receive Reiju, an energetic blessing that Dr. Usui the founder of Reiki would perform with his students to help them on their journey towards individuation and self-actualization. These techniques are meant to help you find peace within and bliss in the every day aspects of life.

The course is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand. As with all our courses, we provide support 7 days a week and you have access to the lectures including updates and additions even after you have completed the course. So discover for yourself just how wonderfully rewarding the timeless practice of art and Reiki are, you won’t regret it!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Explore facets of your personality you never knew existed
  2. Create art without judgement
  3. Use art as a means of relaxation and to unwind
  4. Use art for the purpose of active meditation
  5. Create Mandalas
  6. Create art as a means for self balancing and self discovery
  7. Enjoy the benefits that creative art brings to our emotional and physical well being
  8. What Reiki was originally meant to be used for
  9. How to use Reiki to decipher your dreams
  10. Create advanced mental techniques to access your intuition
  11. How to develop your ability to perceive, scan and clear your aura
  12. Explore colour frequencies and their balancing properties
  13. How elements can be used in your Art Therapy and Reiki sessions
  14. Create your unique Tree of Life
  15. Explore Jungian theory and how it can help you
  16. How Reiji can help you increase your awareness