Reiki healing for plants and animals - practical treatments

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Course Description

In this course you will learn among others:

  • how to heal plants with Reiki energy,

  • how to heal animals with Reiki energy,

  • how to heal aura,

  • how to design Reiki treatment to individual needs,

  • how to diagnose energetic problems

and much more.

I am teacher of Reiki since 2009. I taught over 1000 people in several countries. All of them are good in this, what they do.

I also published a book about Reiki healing, which was for 3 months on bestseller list ("Reiki. Odkryj moc zdrowia", Helion publishing house).

In the course I explain you everything you need to proper and safe Reiki practice. I teach you lots of different techniques in Reiki healing. Thanks to this you can start help yourself and others and you can improve your health and quality of life.

Read my course curriculum - you will get know, that the course will be probably interesting, useful and worth for you.

Stay healthy and be happy!


Expected Outcomes

  1. healing plants with Reiki energy
  2. healing animals with Reiki energy