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Course Description

Reincarnation, the idea of souls returning in different lifetimes, is an extremely mystical and fascinating topic. Why is reincarnation necessary? How does it work? Does a person remember who he or she was in previous lifetimes? How does reincarnation affect one's current life? What about soul mates?

These are just some of the many questions people ask regarding the topic, and which will be answered in this highly informative and illuminating course, based upon the authoritative work of the famous Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, "Sha'ar HaGilgulim," or the "Gate of Reincarnations." This course is an extensive overview of fundamentals and key points concerning reincarnation, and how it affects life and history.

The course will also explains mystical concepts such as the "Sefiros," the basis of all of spiritual and physical existence, and the five levels of each individual soul. It will also make clear how education plays a key role in personal development and self-fulfillment, and specifically certain kinds of learning. As an entertaining bonus, this course will also detail some of the more famous reincarnations from past history.

Expected Outcomes

  1. explain how reincarnation is both important to personal development and a part of everyday life. The student will have a deeper understanding of the parts of their soul and how they affect the spiritual quality of their lives. As well, those who complete the course will have a far deeper and more profound understanding of life and history in general.