Remote Viewing Enigma- The Alien Conspiracy

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Course Description

There is a lot of noise, disinformation and toxic debate on the topic of Ufo's and Alien conspiracy. We're going to review what's what and who are the dominate voices in this debate. Then we're going to shoot passed theses voices and see for ourselves what is real and what is misinformation.

As Remote Viewers, you have the tools others do not, in a world that is to you, without secrets. We will be targeting:

  • Solar Warden
  • Secret Space Program
  • Visitations
  • Reversed Engineered Craft
  • Hidden Bases
  • Lunar Structures

And more...

This subject matter is the most important thing humanity can know, what is behind the veil. Getting it right is never more crucial.

Expected Outcomes

  1. This is a real paradigm shift in worldview. It's a white-knuckled ride that will make you question everything.