Remote work |Best practices |100 free tools |60 Job websites

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Course Description

The recent public health crisis has forced millions of people around the globe out of their offices and work from their homes. However, remote working never be so easy than now. You may be surprised how many tools and organizational solutions you can use while working from home. Learn a new way of doing business to add a new value to your professional life!

The first course that comprehensively discusses the issues of remote working. From preparing the workplace to maintaining a work-life balance. From looking for remote job offers to learning fantastic online work tools. You can find answers to all your questions in one course! For both new adepts of working remotely and experienced employees.

Everything you want to know about remote working is here. Just simply sign up for this course and check how to work from home efficiently!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Benefits from remote work
  2. 60+ best remote jobs websites
  3. Virtual Communication Tools (118 tools!)
  4. Interview for a Remote Work Job
  5. From office to remote work transition
  6. Remote infrastructure
  7. How to optimize your home internet connection
  8. Client Expectations Management
  9. Way of work
  10. Remote meetings tips
  11. Ergonomic workspace
  12. Wellbeing tips