Remote Working & Tips for Being a Digital Nomad in Asia

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Course Description

This course was designed for Remote Workers, Telecommuters, Digital Nomads, and Freelancers that want to start their entrepreneurial journey and do a workation from home, anywhere, but specifically with a focus in Asia. Included in the course are living guides that contain essential information for the digital nomad in locations such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cebu and Bali. There is deep information on locations such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea. You are also going to get some additional tips that you may encounter living this lifestyle on a long term basis. Some examples are the lifestyle design, productivity, and time management tips.

You are going to learn more than just the guides though.

As a Digital Nomad Videographer of 7 years I share tips for producing Video and Audio Content. I also share some Business and Marketing tips I've learned that any freelancer or entrepreneur could apply to their business.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Guide to Telecommuting and Remote Working
  2. Tools for Productivity that allow you to work from any country, cafe, or home
  3. Content Production and marketing
  4. Travel and Living Guides for Top Destinations in Asia
  5. Time Management