Resume Writing and LinkedIn Course: Get hired in 3 steps.

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Course Description

Welcome to Resume Writing and LinkedIn Course: Get hired in 3 steps!

This Resume & LinkedIn course is designed to help you get more job interviews and job offers.

This is the best udemy course for millennials who need simple, practical and laser-focused strategies.


"I feel much more prepared and confident in terms of getting out there and showcasing what I can offer,..., I definitely recommend" - Anita, Research Analyst

"I was able to stack about 7 interviews in 2-3 weeks...I kept getting interviews almost every other week. I was actually offered a job in a month,..., I really recommend Julia on your job hunting journey. The amount of time to finding your next role will vary people to people, but I promise that Julia will help speed up your process A LOT." - Rose, UX/UI Designer

"I hope others will be able to get their dream job as I did."- Kirk, Product Manager

"The advice was eye opening...[it] helped me write sentences clearer and more concise so that they are easy to read." - Debbie, Account Manager

"I achieved my goal to become a Service Designer. Thank you so much and I recommend her to anyone who needs help!" - Silvia, Service Designer

"I was able to improve my resume writing skill and use Linkedin more actively." - Monica, Student of 2020

"(my new resume) is 500% better, it's definitely way way way better" - Eric, Unity Developer

Here's the truth about job application.

The traditional method doesn't work in today's job market.

  • Generic, poor resume gets ignored, no matter how many jobs you apply for

  • Just applying for hundreds of jobs don’t get you job interviews

  • Doing 20+ coffee chats don’t really convert to job interviews

  • You don’t have massive family or friend connections to get a referral

  • Sending cold sales messages to people on LinkedIn don’t get good responses

This course is the solution to these problems.

Through this course you will

learn the strategies that work.

feel empowered and confident to apply for jobs.

shine your strengths and get a job you deserve.

Take this course and get hired in 3 steps:

Step 1. Build a foundation

  • Understand the behind the scene of recruitment. Know exactly what hiring managers look for.

  • Follow the simple process to build a strong story for your resume.

  • Find the right keywords to make your resume targeted.

  • Gather unique and vivid details of your past experiences so you can stand out in the pile of applications.

Step 2. Make a job-winning resume

  • Learn how to frame your stories and skills into concise and results-oriented sentences.

  • See examples of job-winning sentences so you know exactly how to write your own.

  • Format your resume strategically. Show yourself as a great fit.

  • Make your resume easy to read. Choose the right resume template.

Step 3. Get yourself known using LinkedIn.

  • Use Linkedin to find people who have the power to hire you.

  • Bypass the mass screening system and get right in front of decision makers.

  • Learn how to find the right people on Linkedin and make them help you get a job interview.

  • Get scripts and templates for authentic networking. Get a positive response from hiring managers and employees.

  • Build trust through your Linkedin profile.

  • Make your Linkedin profile professional. Make a positive impression of you even before you meet hiring managers.

What's included?

  • 25 videos for resume writing, Linkedin profile optimization and Linkedin messaging.

  • Exercises and downloadable worksheets to guide you through the course

  • Professionally designed resume templates ready to use

  • Actual scripts and templates for resume and LinkedIn messages

Expected Outcomes

  1. Build a compelling resume that gets hiring managers excited to meet you
  2. Present yourself as the perfect match for the candidate employers look for
  3. Write keyword-rich sentences in a results-oriented format so that hiring managers immediately notice you
  4. Make a positive impression of you even before hiring managers meet you
  5. Bypass the mass screening system and get right in front of decision makers
  6. Use Linkedin to find people who have the power to hire you
  7. Send authentic messages to hiring managers and employees so they can help you land a job interview