Revit 2021 Families Shape Shifting Creation for Dynamo 2.6

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Course Description

This course would focus on Family Creation related to Dynamo Use so that construction prefabricates can be analyzed repeated and modify depending on the project requirements.

We will start by reviewing family functionality creation, shapeshifting, nesting and parameter driven families so the proper response can be nurtured by dynamo

We will work on piece sample creation feeding parameters to solve geometry requirements, and with this we will set value of typing and parameters to adjust for proper solutions.

Generative Design is opening a lot of possibilities on the engineering and construction panorama, functionalities going for everytype of user , are allowing technology to make a difference on the way we work for any type of project.

This new series its now pulling all dynamo and practical BIM workflows for a Generative Design and for solving construction problems

We will keep adding custom nodes for specific approaches and as always would recommend to foster your own solutions.

Generative Design and Dynamo are not yet on the peak that they will probably be on the next years so take the leap of faith, and start sooner unraveling your full potential for Modeling and Programming and enjoy at any time the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.

Join to a selective group that its looking for possibilities rather than restrictions, and be UpToDate for all the amazing possibilities that in any time can transform your way of working, to change it forever.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to create families and set parameters
  2. How to make changes to families and Types to get ShapeShifting
  3. How to compress similar families that use similar pieces into single families with multiple types
  4. How to integrate multiple changing families with required solutions on Revit.