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In 8 lessons you will learn how to read, write and build sentences in Russian. By the end of the “Starter pack-1“ you will have learned around 51 verb,24 adjectives and roughly 150 words.

We will learn:

Russian alphabet

Personal & possessive pronouns

Gender of nouns

Declension of adjectives

Plural form of nouns

Present, Past, Future Simple & their Question & Negative form.

Question words

Verbs of motion


Numerals (from 1 to 1000)

Conjugation of irregular verbs

Expected Outcomes

  1. Russian alphabet
  2. Reading in Russian
  3. Writting in Russian
  4. Personal & possessive pronouns
  5. Declension of adjectives
  6. Gender of nouns
  7. Plural form of nouns
  8. Present,Past,Future Simple
  9. Positive, Negative & Question forms of verbs in Present, Past & Future Simple
  10. Conjunctions in sentences
  11. Question words in sentences
  12. Verbs of motion
  13. Numerals
  14. Irregular verbs that end with- ИТЬ, ЕТЬ, АТЬ, ОВАТЬ
  15. 51 verb, 24 adjective, 154 nouns
  16. Build proper sentences