Sacred Relationships; Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Soul Kin

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Course Description

This course is a comprehensive, inspirational and informative journey into the world of Sacred Relationships.

Have you had personal experiences of a twin flame, soul mate or soul kin or you are interested in knowing more about them? Perhaps you want to find ways of bringing these kind of relationships into your life, if so this course is for you.

I will be looking at examples of these relationships in history, exploring why and how they happen. I will also provide a mediation to connect with your sacred relationships.

As a Psychic Medium I have gathered this knowledge through my own experience and the studies I have been drawn to. This work has enhanced my work as a Psychic Medium as I have deepened my understanding of human soul relationships and how the energy of Spirit contributes to the flow of destiny within which we all live.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn to recognise sacred relationships and attract them
  2. Learn the differences between Twin Flames, Soul mates and Soul kin
  3. Learn about Twin Flames from history and popular culture
  4. Connect with your Soul relationships through a sacred meditation