Sacred Space.

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Course Description

Everyone wants to feel safe, anywhere and all the time. It is a basic need for humans. That you want to meditate alone or that you hold space for people, students or friends, you want the space you create to be safe, functional and harmonious.

The thing is that when you become a space holder, or a teacher/facilitator, nobody teaches you how to hold space. It is a skill you are supposed to learn with experience, and it should be a part of any teacher training.

This course was created after 15 years of experience as a healer, a teacher and a ceremony space holder. It explains clearly how you can create a safe and functional sacred space for yourself and others, easy to maintain, and free from any interference or distortion.

Are you a yoga teacher, a workshop facilitator, a lecturer, a healer, a parent, a coach, a dancer, a musician ? You will upgrade your practice with this course !

You will learn how to :

  1. Clear the space physically and energetically.
  2. Ground, Source and connect to your space to the 4 directions.
  3. Own your space and claim your energetic authority.
  4. Invite supportive presence like masters, angels, teachers, spirits..
  5. Define clearly the purpose of your space.
  6. Protect your space with a powerful energetic download that you can activate instantly.
  7. Open and close your space properly.
  8. Many practical tips about how to maintain the integrity of your space while teaching or speaking.
  9. How to connect energetically to the other members of the space.

These simple, clear steps will change the way you handle and hold your space. It will make it easy, flowing, and powerful. Your students or the people sharing your sacred space will feel it. They will feel more safe and will allow themselves to go deeper in their process.

The members of your space will be more focused, more grounded and will experience a deeper understanding or healing.

You can use this download anytime, with your family, at work, with friends. Sacred Space doesn't mean you it has to be spiritual. It means that your Intent prevails in a harmonious way, supported by the Universe.

Upgrade your practice of holding space with this class. This transmission carries the teachings and experience from a lineage of 26 generations of miracle healers from Mexico, and my own experience as a teacher of workshops since 15 years.

We are all Space Holders at some point. We are all modern shamans and priests ! Receive this teaching to make it easy for you and easy for others, and to manifest your intentions in the most sacred way !

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be able to create a sacred space almost instantly wherever you want, when you want.
  2. You will be safe all the time, everywhere.
  3. If you hold space for a group, you will know how to keep the energy serving the purpose of the meeting.
  4. For a teacher, you will see your students more focused and grounded. They will actually listen to you !
  5. You will avoid any kind of interference in your work, alone or with others.
  6. You will be more supported by the invisible presence that surrounds you (angels, masters, teachers..)
  7. As a student, you will facilitate the focus of the class,and will be able to integrate the teachings easily and faster.