SALAH Course - Arabic To English Translation Of Namaz -QURAN

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Course Description

Learn Namaz And Understand Word to Word Translation Of QURAN In English To Bring Concentration In Salah, Khushu In Salah.

When we pray sometimes in can be hard to concentrate. subhanallah, during prayer a lot goes through our minds. “What did my mum make for lunch?”, “Did I lock my car?”, “I might have snack pack after prayer.”

But it is important to have Concentration In Salah, And Khushu In Salah. Because while you are praying you are facing Allah and communicating, and thanking him. However, it can be very difficult at times to do so.Due to the fact the Shaytaan (satan) is trying to divert your mind away from the remembrance of Allah.

Major Solution Is Focusing on what you are reciting to improve your concentration, while you are reading focus on the meanings of the words, and if you don’t understand Arabic, this course is a MUST for you.

Amazing Benefits Of This Course:

Learn Word to Word Translation Of QURAN In English (Last Ten Surahs Of Quran) To Start Understanding QURAN And Basic Arabic. In Each Lesson Of This Course Attached Are Handouts And Images To Follow While Watching The Lessons And Also Learn From Them After Completing The Lessons. This Course Will Improve Your Salaah(Prayers) For Rest Of Your Life As The Last Ten Surahs Of Quran Are Normally Recited By Most Muslims In Their Salaah.

In This Learn Namaz Course You Will Also Learn Word To Word Translation Of Supplications And Recitations In Salaah That Will Further Bring Focus In Your Salaah And Will Bring Basic Understanding Of Arabic As Well.

Prophet (s.a.w) Sayings Regarding Concentration in Salah, Khushu In Salah

Uqbah ibn Amir al-Juhani reported the Messenger of Allah as saying, “Any one performs ablution and performs the ablution perfectly and then offers two rak’ahs of prayers concentrating on them with his heart and face but paradise will necessarily fall to his lot.”

Sunan Abu Dawud

Expected Outcomes

  1. This Course Will Bring Life To Your SALAH In Shaa ALLAH
  2. It Will Bring Concentration In Salah, & Khushu In Salah
  3. Learn SALAH And Understand Word to Word Translation Of Complete SALAH
  4. Learn Word to Word Translation Of Last Ten Surahs Of Holy Quran To Start Understanding QURAN
  5. Word to Word Translation Will Help You Understand Different Verses Of Holy QURAN
  6. Will Help You Undertstand Basic Arabic
  7. Learn Duas And Recitations Of SALAH With Word To Word Translation
  8. Learn Different Arabic Words
  9. And Lot More