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Nurture your confidence and power as a woman in the workplace

This course will help you to supercharge your resilience and confidence at work as a woman and hone your negotiations skills so that you can negotiate the maximum pay rise that you deserve.

In our patriarchal society, when women behave the same as men at work they often face harsher penalties due to outdated expectations of gender roles and harmful stereotypes perpetuated in the media.

Enhance your workplace negotiation skills

To stay motivated at work it’s vital that you earn what you’re worth, but likeability penalty research has shown that when women are assertive in negotiations they face harsher penalties.

Whether you’re a freelancer or work within a company structure, this course will help you to build on your past experiences and identify your market value.

You’ll learn how to use your experience to gain bargaining power and identify how external factors can help you build your case to raise your salary and earn your market rate.

Earn the salary increase you deserve

Studies show at the current pace of change it would take over one hundred years to close the gender pay gap.

Led by experts at Hustle Crew, who are on a mission towards equality and inclusivity in tech, you’ll build the confidence to have tough conversations about your worth at work, how to navigate your course of action when things don’t go your way, and how to make sure you win the pay rise you’re worth.

What topics will you cover?

Part 1: Preparation

  • What’s your motivation, desired outcome? Reflect on past experiences.
  • Your market value? Bargaining power?
  • The other side of the table: research external factors to get to yes!
  • What’s your upper and lower limit?
  • BATNA: Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement. Could be where you are now, where nothing changes.

Part 2: Practice

  • It’s important to rehearse and anticipate blockers:
  • Write down your plan
  • Identify flash points, practice responding to:
    • We have no budget
    • We don’t negotiate on this
    • You will have to wait X months
  • Rehearse, debrief, repeat
  • Nurture your power and confidence

Part 3: Execution

  • Imagine your negotiation conversation is like match day, you need all the elements to come together to win:
  • Timing
  • Likeability factor and The Smile Game: “be relentlessly pleasant”
  • Silence = power. Wait when you drop your number
  • Didn’t hear no? Aiming too low…
  • Why you should aim high, and why it’s important to justify that with data
  • It’s only over when you decide. It may be no for now… but in a few month’s time?

When would you like to start?

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for any woman in the workplace who wants to build their negotiation skills and learn how to negotiate a payrise effectively and professionally.

This is particularly useful for those interested in the creative and tech industries.

Who developed the course?

Hustle Crew

We teach high-impact tools & frameworks so you optimize for inclusion in every decision. Since 2016 we’ve delivered over 200 talks and workshops in the tech industry and grown our community to 5,000 students and professionals.