Salesforce for NonProfits & NGOs: Upgrade to NPSP 3.0

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Course Description

Are you still on the legacy version of the NPSP? If you can't pay a fancy consultant $10,000 or more to perform the upgrade and are afraid to execute it yourself, this course is for you! This course will walk through all the steps to help you upgrade your salesforce NPSP to the most recent version (3.65.) Don't wait around to take advantage of the newest feature of this package especially designed for nonprofits and NGO's like: address management and verification, advanced soft credit handling, auto-propagation to mobile (Salesforce1), grant handling and more. With this course, you will be able to upgrade to the NonProfit Starter Pack 3.0 for any salesforce NPSP instance quickly and easily.

  • Ideal for salesforce admins who have some experience (at least 12 months) with salesforce and the legacy NPSP
  • 3+ hours of video content with live demos of configuration IN ACTION
  • PDFs, related guide and utilities in resource section for related lectures.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Complete an upgrade of the NPSP 3.0 in a salesforce instance
  2. Learn to assess an organization's salesforce instance for a smooth upgrade
  3. Evaluate the state of an organization's data and data model before proceeding with the upgrade
  4. Create a sandbox or test environment to execute a "mock" upgrade before instaling the upgrade in production
  5. Perform post-upgrade steps for a seamless transition from the legacy NPSP to the most recent package (3.65 as of this writing)
  6. Run a system-wide "Health Check" and clean up errors with data manipulation operations
  7. Learn to create & filter reports to export salesforce data to CSV format and manipulate it for use in (free tool) ​for data migration needs
  8. A quick overview of MS Excel V-Lookup operation included!
  9. Use the to mass update and insert records to fix health check errors
  10. Use the Account Model Conversion Utility​ to change your salesforce instance's account model to the Household (HHD) account model. (In this tutorial, we'll convert from a 1:1 model to HHD account model.)