SAP ACTIVATE Project Manager Masterclass (on C_ACTIVATE13)

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Course Description

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If you want to understand latest SAP ACTIVATE technology you should subscribe to this course.

We will be covering ACT100 and ACT200 in detail.

This course is based on C_ACTIVATE_13 and C_ACTIVATE_12.

No prior experience required but we highly recommend this for people, with experience in SAP or non-SAP projects, We do not recommend this course for fresh graduates.

We will be covering below topics :


- S4HANA History

- Purpose of SAP ACTIVATE


- Details of SAP ACTIVATE methodology

- Various phases of SAP ACTIVATE


- Key characteristics of SAP ACTIVATE

- Details of various Workstream (WS)

- Details of Workstream : Project Management

- Details of Workstream : Design & Config

- Details of Workstream : Analytics

- Details of Workstream : Customer Team Enablement

- Details of Workstream : Solution Adoption

- Details of Workstream : Extensibility

- Details of Workstream : Testing

- Details of Workstream : Integration

- Details of Workstream : Operations & Support

- Details of Workstream : Data Management

- Details of Workstream : Project Management

- Details of Workstream : Technical Architect & Infrastructure

- Various choices of S4HANA Deployment

- Cloud Advantage

- Multi Tenant Edition (MTE)

- Single Tenant Edition (STE)

- Comparison of Various choices

- SLT based Conversion


- Agile Definition

- Basics of Agile

- Agile Manifesto

- Agile Principle

- Details of Scrum and Sprints

- Overview of Agile Scrum Methodology Flow

- Various Roles and Responsibility under Scrum

- Example of Theme, Epic, Story

- What is Story?

- What is Story Mapping?

- What is Product Backlog?

- Details of Scrum Board

- Scrum Stand Up Meeting

- SAP with Agile Methodology Overview

- SAP with Agile Methodology in Prepare

-SAP with Agile Methodology in Explore

- SAP with Agile Methodology in Realize

- SAP with Agile Methodology in Deploy

- Is my project fit for Agile?

- Pre-Conditions for Agile

- Challenges and Advantages of Agile

- Agile Cone of Uncertainty

- Details of NFR

- How to Scale Agile?

- Agile Governance in small and big teams

- What is Definition of Done

- Details of Backlog Grooming

- What is Spike?

- Ways to Estimate Effort

- Various Estimation Methodologies


We have multiple Walk-Through Videos :

- SAP Roadmap Viewer



-SAP Transformation Navigator and Many More

If you have any Questions, Please ask in QnA section or reach out to us at [email protected].

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn about latest SAP ACTIVATE Methodology
  2. You will get a good understanding of various Stages of SAP ACTIVATE
  3. You will learn about key characteristics of SAP ACTIVATE
  4. You will learn about various S4HANA transition option
  5. You will learn how SAP ACTIVATE works in Agile Framework