SAP Customer Credit and Debit Memo Processing

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Course Description

This course will provide an excellent understanding of how to process Credit Memos and even a Debit Memos using SAP software.

  • Course learning is primarily through video demos of the software.
  • The topics are broken up in to short bite size chunks so you can go through it all at once or learn at your own pace.
  • By completing this course you'll gain specific understanding and ability to process these documents in an SAP system, as well as learn about processing sales documents in general.

Additionally you'll learn about:

  • And you'll learn more about the customer service process.
  • Credit Memo Business Process basics
  • OTC (order-to-cash) process in SAP
  • Create a sales document in SAP
  • Bill a sales document in SAP
  • Reviewing and reporting for sales documents
  • Accounting Integration

Expected Outcomes

  1. By the end of this course you'll be able to successfully create and process a credit memo or debit memo request in SAP
  2. You'll be able to bill the request and transfer the document to accounting
  3. You'll be able to find existing credit and debit memo requests in the system
  4. You'll be able to hold, troubleshoot, and release documents
  5. You'll have a good understanding of how this process fits in with the overall order-to-cash process and accounting process
  6. You'll gain a better understanding of and confidence in navigating and entering these types of docments in SAP