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SAP EWM110 is maybe the most common and most taught SAP EWM course out there

We took on the task to create a SAP EWM110 course by ourselves and make it – even better.

With this part of the course you will get to know everything you need to know about the Physical Inventory Process in SAP EWM

– The different types of Physical Inventory in SAP EWM

– The levels of Physcial Inventory

– The Physcial Inventory Process

– The Difference Analyzer in SAP EWM

– What tolerance groups are and how to use them

And…we would not be KnowYourEWM without adding some extra to this Physcial Inventory Process Course

Expected Outcomes

  1. The complete Physical Inventory Process in SAP EWM
  2. Tolerance Groups
  3. Reports and Transactions
  4. Types of Physical Inventory
  5. Difference Analyzer