SAP S/4 HANA - What You Need To Know (Enterprise Management)

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Course Description

Upgrade your knowledge to S/4 HANA - Unique content not found in any other course on the web

With SAP S/4 HANA now at version 2020, a lot has changed and business are starting to migration to S/4. Can you afford to be left behind in the S/4 HANA skillset?

What has changed and how do companies leverage S/4 HANA as to gain a competitive advantage? What are you expected to know as you join a S/4 HANA project?

This course cuts through all of the marketing and training hype to deliver a course that just focus on delivering the information you will require as you participate on S/4 HANA projects within the Enterprise Management area (or as it was known before, the S/4 HANA Simple Logistics)

While all other courses focus on individual technical changes that can be found in the SAP simplification list or regurgitate SAP training literature, this course is the distillation of experience of the two instructors on their S/4 HANA projects. It focus on understanding S/4 HANA core changes, how to find out more on S/4 HANA and more importantly, how to leverage these changes in the new SAP S/4 HANA environment.

Note : This course does not cover each change item in the simplification list, but rather a introductions to the core changes of S/4 HANA

Because it is built on the experience of our instructors, this represents unique context on S/4 that cannot be anywhere else.

In this course, the instructors will cover

  • What is S/4 HANA, and how do you get access to SAP trail version

  • What has changed in S/4 and what can be leverage. Examples given

  • The various types of S/4 HANA projects, and key decisions points in the project

  • SAP new database, HANA and why it is important to S/4

  • Using SAP Core Data Service - Leveraging SAP HANA database in a business process.

  • SAP new UX Fiori, and why it is a game changer

  • Debugging a Fiori application

  • What is the simplification list, and how it is used

  • Delta changes in S/4

  • SAP Roadmap for S/4

Note : This course primarily focus on S/4 Enterprise Management functionality, but also contains content for general S/4 HANA knowledge. As the S/4 HANA solution is still evolving, this course will be updated on a regular cycle (4 - 6 months) for the next 2 - 3 years.

So why waste hundreds of dollars and taking another SAP S/4 HANA course, only to be show the basics or standard SAP material that at the end, teaching you nothing. This is the course to take.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand what has changed from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4 HANA
  2. How to participate in a S/4 HANA project
  3. Let to leverage the power of S/4 HANA in the project
  4. Explore the new SAP S/4 Product suit
  5. Learn how to use HANA new function in your code - CDS and AMDP
  6. Introduction to SAP Fiori UX