SAP2000 :- Advance Steel Course

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Course Description

This Course “SAP2000 Professional Course : From Scratch” will teach you all the important things that a Civil /Structural engineer must know in order to do the Structural Analysis and Design of Steel Structures from Scratch in sap 2000.

This Course will give you in depth knowledge of the SAP2000 so that you can design your own Structure in SAP 2000 v20

YOU can easily model ,analyze and design your :-

1. 3D Steel space Truss

2. Pre Engineered Buildings and analyze in csi SAP2000.

3. Bill Board

4.Heavy Steel Structure that stores cement ,Rebars and other construction material.

This course will fill the gap between the fresher and the real life experience.

So, if you want to remove the tag of Fresher enroll in this Course and Explore the World of csi SAP 2000.

What to expect from this course :-

After completion of this course, you can easily model your Complex Structure , Modell , Analyze and Design in SAP2000 v20.

Although I am using csi sap2000 v20 you can use any version of csi sap2000.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Complete SAP2000 Advance Knowledge
  2. Pre Engineered Building
  3. Heavy Steel Structure
  4. Billboard
  5. Advance Modelling of Steel Structure
  6. Basic to Advance Concept
  7. How to deal with failed Members
  8. Opimization of Members
  9. Understand the difference between MCF AND SMF