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A very warm welcome to “Science for Community Learning and Development Workers”.  We hope this course ignites (or reignites!) your passion for science.  By the end of this course we hope you will have some fresh ideas on how to engage with your learners on a range of scientific topics. 

You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to carry out scientific demonstrations and some ideas on how to adapt and extend these demonstrations to suit your learners.  While watching the demonstrations you will learn how to encourage scientific thinking and enhance your learners observation and critical thinking skills. 

This course contains 6 exclusive videos designed specifically for this course.  These videos will explain the scientific principles behind the demonstrations so you, as a practioner, have the background knowledge you need to help your learners engage with topics they may previously have felt were “not for them”.

This course is fully aligned with the CLD Standards Council’s Competencies.  In particular you will be supported to manage and organise resources, you will be provided with feedback forms tailored to the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities to help you manage and monitor programs and activites (E2), you will be provided with risk assessments that you can adapt to suit your own organisation (E7).  You will also be asked to reflect on barriers to participation in STEM (C3) and be provided with a series of STEM worksheets that you can use with your learners to take advantage of learning activities in everyday life (C5).

Finally we will provide you with links to further information and organisations who can help you deliver STEM in a CLD context.  We would be delighted to welcome you onto the course and support you as you explore the wide range of science resources available to promote scientific thinking in your community. #unlockingstemincldpractice

Expected Outcomes

  1. you will learn to deliver STEM activities in a community setting
  2. you will be able to tackle barriers to participation – CLD Competency C3
  3. you will learn more about the concept of Science Capital
  4. you will learn more about inequalities in STEM and practical steps CLD workers can take to reduce these inequalities
  5. you will learn appropriate methods and techniques to deliver STEM – CLD Competency C6
  6. you will use appropriately targeted methods to promote learning and development opportunities -CLD Competency C8