Science of Love, Select the Right Partner for Life

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Course Description

In this course you will learn about love from a scientific point of view. You will understand:

  • The evolutionary basis for love

  • It's connection to the main biological propose of our lives

  • The hormones involved in love

  • The three stages of love, and the purpose for each

  • The main differences between men and women

By understanding this knowledge, you will learn how to apply this information in your own life in order to find, assess and keep the right partner for you for a long term relationship, hopefully for life. In each section of the course we will focused on these aspects, learning about what has been found in scientific research, and how to apply this in our own search, assessment and relationships.

This course is suited mostly for women, however it is relevant and can be taken by everyone.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn to apply scientific knowledge in order to choose the right partner for a long term relationship
  2. You will be able to explain what love is from a scientific point of view
  3. You will understand which parts of the brain are active when falling in love and what you need to be aware of
  4. You will be able to explain what scientific research has discuvered about attraction and partner choice
  5. You will able to describe the hormones and neurotransmitters involved in love and their effect on our mind and body
  6. You will be able to indicate the biological differences between men and women, and what can be done to keep the relationship long term