Secrets and Habits of Innovative Leaders

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Course Description

This course is for professionals who want to unlock their innate creativity and function at peak performance. The course includes lectures on the three Pillars of Performance: Body Basics, Stress Management and Brain Power. The lectures are broken into 1-3 minute videos to make it easy to digest and come back to if you need a break.

If you are interested in how simple lifestyle changes can impact your mental performance, this course is for you. If you have ever wished there were more hours in a day, boosting your productivity and brain power can make you 5x more efficient than your peers.

The instructor, Erin Knight, is a health engineer who is passionate about biohacking and tweaking lifestyle factors to improve health and performance. Benefit from her extensive research condensed into an efficient 35 min course with only the very best tips from innovative leaders!

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Who this course is for:

  • If you are interested in how simple lifestyle changes can impact your mental performance, this course is for you.

Course content

5 sections • 20 lectures • 35m total length


Health Engineer
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Erin Knight is a Health Engineer at Engineering Radiance. Her education was in chemical and pharmaceutical engineering at the University of Michigan. A trend throughout her career has been on developing staff training and managing root cause analysis programs. With a life long passion for understanding how to optimize health (body, mind and spirit), she now applies the thought process of an engineer to find the root cause of health issues. Rather than deal with symptoms she encourages people to work on the cause of their health concerns.

Through her personal journey to wellness, she got involved in the integrative health community. Continually amazed by the impact lifestyle changes can have on our well-being and performance, it is her mission to share this information and help other people who are interested in being at the top of their game.

She posts free resources on real food nutrition, food sensitivities and building radiant health on the Engineering Radiance website.

Erin is an Advanced Communicator Silver as well as Advanced Leader Bronze through Toastmasters International and enjoys putting together training materials and sharing new information. She has recently taught courses on innovation, leadership, root cause analysis, SharePoint, chromatography, filtration, and other biopharmaceutical technologies.