Self-Mastery of Thoughts, Emotions & Intuitive Development

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Course Description

One hour of video lectures plus 1.5 hours of guided meditations and written resources!

Energy Medicine practical techniques that this course covers will greatly support you in your personal journey, career, relationships and health - well being and intuitive development no matter where you are on this path.

Your past experiences are what make you who you are today.

The beliefs that you have formed along the way to make sense of your experiences, are always playing out in the background of your thinking patterns, interactions and automatic responses.

The techniques covered in this course will assist you in fine tuning your awareness so that you will become a fine tuned manifestation of yourself living consciously and harmoniously with your innate intuitive knowing.

Utilising focused Energy Medicine techniques for Mental and Emotional Self Mastery.

These techniques when applied have the benefit of reduced stress, anxiety, blood pressure, depression, confusion, self-judgment and that of others.

Whilst Elevating states of calm, health and wellness in mental, emotional and physical areas, a sense of belonging, the ability to find your center during upheaval, resilience, improved decision making, cognition, energy levels and intuition.

Your guide through this course is Intuitive Medium Terrye MJ, who connects with Universal Consciousness in the frequencies of Love, Joy and Compassion where ego is left behind and deep soul and cellular healing begins.

If you would like to discover and apply these techniques in your life, starting now, enrol in this course safe in the knowledge that you have a 30-day money back guarantee.

See you in the course!


Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn Mindfulness to help with your Intuitive Development
  2. Explore your Emotional Intelligence
  3. Discover the role of Neuroplasticity
  4. Know more about Energy Medicine and how you can apply it in your life
  5. Develop your Intuition, Spiritual Awareness and Energy Consciousness
  6. Re-wire Neural Pathways in the Brain by harnessing the power and of the energy of the mind