Selfie Masterclass: How to Take Perfect Selfies Certificate

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Course Description

Selfie Masterclass: How to Take Perfect Selfies

(Course taken from Newskills Academy USA Library) Learning how to take perfect selfies is an essential guide to capturing, editing and posting the most attractive and flattering selfies and avoid many of the common selfie no-no’s! This course covers everything you need to know about taking the perfect selfie, including using the right camera, the different types of selfies and the perfect angles and poses to capture the ultimate selfie. From how to edit your selfies using filters and settings to a comprehensive guide of the do’s and don’ts of selfie-taking, this is the ultimate selfie masterclass!

You Will Learn

  • The tools of the selfie trade and the different types of selfies
  • How to use the best angles and poses to take the perfect selfie
  • The science of editing your selfies using camera settings and filters
  • A comprehensive guide to the do’s and don’ts of taking selfies

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Increase your following and engagement on social media
  • Capture precious memories and moments with grace and poise
  • Avoid common and embarrassing selfie mistakes