Shamanic Sacred Space For Self Healing and Meditation

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Course Description

Learn how to become your own Shaman. Use nature, direction, power animals and sacred knowledge to create a space of healing, of truth and of personal power.

Sacred Space will allow you to let go the physical world, in a place of utter peace and complete protection.

Use Sacred Space to heal yourself, or others, and the Earth. This course is perfect for those who use meditation, energy healing or any of the Shamanic Arts to bring joy and serenity to the world and will allow you to be reborn as a luminous being of the future.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Perform the rituals and ceremonies required to open and close Shamanic Sacred Space
  2. Use and integrate Shamanic Sacred Space in meditation and self development practice
  3. Call upon the archetypes and directions and utilize their energies for healing
  4. Incorporate the 8th Chakra energies into personal healing