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This Intermediate level course will take the student from the basic principles and concepts found in the Udemy Beginner level course, and will guide them through the next step in the evolutionary process of Shifting Roots – the Alegado Movement Language.

The main characteristics of each Shifting Roots class are the arms and hands working on top of a fluid and shifting pelvis. In the Beginner level class, the arms and the hands work symmetrically. In the Intermediate level, these same basic arm and hand gestures are taken to another level by applying the use of canon, whereby, one arm and hand will start, followed by the second.

The use of canon in the arms creates a physical cascading effect in the entire body. The separate timing of each arm movement, initiates different responses from the rest of the body.

This individual timing takes the body into a more three dimensional exploration of space which, in turn, requires a more advanced response from the foundation (the plié).

In the Beginner level course, the first exercise standing, happens within a relative stationary position in space. In the Intermediate level course, the use of canon of the arms and its resulting three dimensional exploration of space, takes the student into a study not limited to frontal movement. The use of canon in the arms initiates a wider scope of movement which takes the student into a 360 degree exploration of their bodies moving through space.

This new spectrum of movement possibilities creates a greater need for a more sensitive physical response to the body in motion yet, it must be said, this new awareness can best be applied by, first, going through the Beginner level course. In doing so, the body will be better equipped to deal with the new information coming to it from the Intermediate level.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Dance training
  2. Movement coordination
  3. Musicality