Sidestepping The Power Struggle, The A to Z’s For Parenting!

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Course Description

Many parents struggle to understand their kid’s behavior and try to find ways to change it which is one of the reasons behavior gets worse! When parents develop an understanding of who they are parenting (and every child is different), they become much more effective with their discipline.

Sidestepping also challenges people to abandon outdated, primitive methods of parenting. Waiting until you are angry and unable to think clearly to address important issues in any relationship is ineffective. Instead, in this course, you will develop a creative, intelligent approach that will not only promote cooperation (rather than fearful obedience) but make you feel good… and that….matters because guilty parenting does not support healthy boundaries. Could it be that parents feeling calm and confident creates the fertile soil that allows for growth?

When you take this course you quickly figure out how you might be preventing your child from becoming responsible, resilient and caring. You will be given tools and insight that will go beyond any cookie cutter approach.

The course contains everything you need to know about your children’s individual temperaments, their stage of development, behavior at each age, and what events can trigger difficult child behaviors. It teaches you how to help children take responsibility for their own lives as they mature, and how to help them mature into ethical and competent human beings. It discusses effective and ineffective discipline techniques. If you read and practice everything recommended in this book, it will not only empower you to become a more effective parent, but also enrich the lives of those who matter most.

Expected Outcomes

  1. We consider some of the areas of child development that give parents the most difficulty, and some of the behaviors which bewilder and frustrate mom and dad to the point of wanting to retire early from their job as parents.
  2. After getting comfortable with this material, you will view your child in a different light for the rest of your relationship. You will develop an understanding of your children's behavior based on their temperament and yours.
  3. You will learn about, “antecedent management”: recognizing and dealing with circumstances in a child’s surroundings that may trigger problematic behavior.
  4. None of us want our children to become spoiled, out-of-control people who take what they want at others’ expense. What is our highest goal for our children? How can we contribute to self-discipline and self-esteem?
  5. We focus on how to gradually hand over to our children the responsibility for various areas of their lives. We distinguish between “kid issues” and “family issues” and show how children should experience the natural consequences of their choices in areas of “kid issues.” We specifically consider household responsibilities, allowance, and schoolwork.
  6. We have problems with our child’s behavior when they are either too dependent or too independent for our liking. We agonize over the actions of our child when they show signs of being unaware of other people’s feelings and handle their own feelings in destructive or immature ways. We are constantly amazed at how egocentric they are!
  7. Parents often think there’s something wrong with their child. Or, that something is wrong with their parenting.
  8. Parents may have great parenting skills, but might not be tuned into the child's needs.
  9. This course turns things around for parents very quickly.
  10. Our goal is to empower parents through these educational courses, books, and articles.
  11. Every parent should take these courses.