Simple Basics of Personal Finance

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Course Description

In today's world, our personal financial health is vital. This course explains the basics so you understand what's involved and how everything works. This also serves as an introduction to help relate personal finances to business finances.

Topics include:

  • What's the difference between banks, credit unions and other financial institutions?

  • Explaining savings, checking, debit cards, credit cards...

  • Other methods to making payments than cash or checks

  • Borrowing money and the basics of loans

  • Auto loans, home loans, paying for college and higher education

  • Payday loans - The good, the bad and the ugly

  • Other "Grown Up" stuff including payroll taxes, insurance, social security, saving for retirement, identity protection...

The course also works great for teens and young adults in helping them start to understand life economics and how all the pieces work together.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand and feel comfortable with the basics of the money-related elements of everyday life and how to approach every financial aspect responsibly and confidently.