Singing: How to Succeed at Vocal Auditions

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Course Description

An effective audition training course for singers to fully prepare for a vocal performance audition in musical theater, vocal competitions, film, and television. Audition Coach and Author Jessica Neighbor coaches high level performers for American Idol, Broadway Musicals, Dramatic Theater, and Talent Agents. Jessica's course, Singing: How to Succeed at Vocal Auditions, gives you a complete audition overview to help you get started and feel more confident with helpful video tutorials, audition guideline templates, and industry insider checklists to get you fully prepared for your next audition.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Feel more confident performing in high stake situations like at auditions and in front of an audience.
  2. Know what to expect at a your audition with my Audition 101 Guideline Template.
  3. Discover your Secret Weapon Talent to stand out and wow the Judges.
  4. Make a lasting impression on Judges with my industry scripts and strategies.
  5. Increase your odds of audition success odds from completing this training for Theater, Musical Theater, and Vocal Auditions.
  6. Create a professional performance resume.
  7. Build your Industry Standard Audition Material Professional Portfolio.
  8. Choose your best audition song that showcases your strongest voice.
  9. Choose your best audition monologue that showcases your boldest acting.