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If you feel stuck with watercolor painting then this is the course for you. In this class I’ll take you through six watercolor paintings designed to help you improve your watercolor skills through practice.

As we go along I will give you tips and advice on color mixing, blending colors wet-in-wet, how to start and build a watercolor painting, creating textures, how to mix black and how to add realistic looking shadows.

The lessons are designed for you to paint as you watch and listen so I can talk you through each stage of the painting. Each painting tutorial builds on the one before it, starting from the most simple and moving to more complex subjects.

This course is suitable for people with basic watercolor experience, or for those with no experience at all if you are willing to dive right in and give it a go! If you have worked with watercolor before you may like to choose which painting you start with. If you are a beginner I recommend starting from the first painting and working through to the last painting.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Watercolor painting techniques
  2. Blending paint wet-in-wet
  3. How to paint landscapes, still-life, flowers