Smart Data Collection with Excel UserForm

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Course Description

[UPDATED April 2020]

SHORT Summary:

Check out several examples of Office Automation using Excel UserForm. Apply these ideas in real life situations.


This course explains how simple and free Excel UserForm can be used to improve work with very basic and simple excel workbook:

  • UserForm provides the advantage to have all relevant information in one place that helps to concentrate on task and be productive when dealing with information.

  • UserForm allows customization of data entry to make sure users would collect 'clean' data

  • Course is not focused to teach basics of the VBA coding by doing abstract coding exercises. Focus is made on understanding on how VBA code is applied for this particular situation. Learn coding by re-using provided examples in fun case studies.

  • Ready-to-use templates could be used as is e.g. personal goal tracking template

The course plan will be the following:

  • Introducing you to the typical data collection – decision – reporting situation

  • Understanding and quantifying advantage of UserForm using a funny competition

  • Understand “mechanics” of UserForm

  • Case study on adding inputs to the UserForm

  • How to deal with Images in UserForm

  • Write information from UserForm

  • Case study to add second UserForm and reuse the code

  • How to create reports in PowerPoint from Excel data

  • Case study to practice sending data to the PowerPoint slide

  • BONUS:

    • Archiving/Saving to SharePoint Library

    • Drafting Outlook Emails

    • Template 'Set Powerful Goals'

In the summary, this relatively short course is providing very simple solution that can be applied for easier data collection, decision making and reporting. In cases where instant online collaboration is not required but we want to be efficient - then this course will very likely be capable to solve the problem

Expected Outcomes

  1. Re-use the code and templates to speed up work in Excel and PowerPoint
  2. Insert images to excel cells
  3. Know how to collect "clean" data
  4. Create PowerPoint slides from Excel data
  5. Design and manipulate Excel User Form
  6. Save completed file to SharePoint Document Library