Source and Sell on Amazon FBA [Without Private Labeling]

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Course Description

Want to sell on Amazon without private labeling or creating your own listings?

Learn how to leverage existing high sales volume listings by identifying products that are already selling well and sourcing from domestic wholesalers, or through retail arbitrage.

Selling on Amazon FBA (or FBM) can be an exciting and profitable venture. Billions of dollars are made every year by 3rd party sellers (people like you and me).

This course is taught by an instructor with 7 years of experience and millions of dollars in sales as an Amazon seller.

"Hi Theo, I am looking forward to building a second income stream through this course. My FBA business is coming along nicely after a slow start I am making great sales and building profitability. Soon I will be able to go full time" Dean Kleb

There are two main ways to sell on Amazon: You can either create your own brand new listings, or you can leverage existing successful listings. Both methods have pros and cons (like everything!). This course focuses on leveraging existing successful listings.

You will learn everything you need to know, from setting up and verifying your Amazon account, to identifying and sourcing the best products to sell.

You will also learn how to win the Buy Box: This is where 80% of sales on Amazon come from!

No need for a big budget, because you will learn how to do this starting with a small budget and gradually scale up from there.

The only thing you need to bring to this course is a desire to succeed and the motivation to keep going. Selling on Amazon FBA is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme. In fact, there is no such thing. However, the rewards can be very big for those who really want them.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Generate a part or full-time income (or more) on Amazon
  2. Start with a small budget and scale up
  3. Take advantage of existing, established Amazon listings
  4. Research the Amazon marketplace for the best products to sell
  5. Source products using retail arbitrage with free apps and tools
  6. Source products wholesale and find the best wholesale prices
  7. Be eligible to win the Amazon Buy Box
  8. Take a share of the Buy Box for high sales volume products
  9. Get approved to sell popular branded products
  10. Get approved to sell in special 'restricted' categories
  11. Use tools to win the Buy Box more of the time
  12. Manage multiple products, know which products to re-stock and when