Space Entrepreneurship 101

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Course Description

The space sector is at an inflection point, perhaps similar to where the internet was in the mid-1990s: dramatic cost decreases due to reusable rockets such as SpaceX’s Falcon-9 and other factors turn a number of space business models economically viable for the first time ever. This new space economy is projected to grow to trillions of Dollars over the next decades, providing tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs - who do not need to be aero/astro engineers to participate in this revolution.

In this course, we will learn about the new space economy, its key drivers and trends, and some of its most important business activities, such as launch, remote sensing, satellite communications and space tourism. The final section of the course provides tangible advice for launching a space startup, e.g. what sources of financing are available.

There are 27 lectures, and the total course takes about three hours. There are no prerequisites other than a keen interest in space and its business opportunities. Whatever your background is, you will be able to easily follow along the course.

Your instructor is a space venture capitalist, author of an acclaimed introductory book on the space economy and host of the Space Business Podcast, among other roles.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody considering becoming a space entrepreneur, incl. students and executives
  • Financial investors interested in investing in space companies
  • Corporate intrapreneurs or innovation officers with interest in the space sector
  • Corporate executives outside of the space industry but who may benefit from the space sector, e.g. as suppliers or customers

Course content

5 sections • 26 lectures • 3h 2m total length
  • Our mission (syllabus)


Space Investor and Advisor
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Raphael invests in space companies as founder of E2MC Space Ventures. He is also the author of "Hoch Hinaus", an introductory book on the space economy and the host of the Space Business Podcast. Raphael possesses a unique blend of space and financial expertise. He has twenty years of global financial markets experience in M&A and investing, at global investment banks and hedge funds, and has also been a fintech entrepreneur in Brazil. He holds degrees in Space Studies from the International Space University, Finance from the Wharton School and Machine Learning from PUC-Rio. He is a CFA and FRM charterholder.