Spiritual Solution For Depression Relief

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Course Description

Has depression stopped you from having the life you really want? What if you could get depression to quiet down and you could start living a better life? Have you tried a lot of things to handle your depression, and you're ready to try something different? Using the practical and spiritual methods of this course, you will discover how to experience daily moments of peace.

The methods in this course are proven to help people shift out of dark thoughts that can keep them stuck in inertia. The practical and simple ways of developing a spiritual practice can open up a new vista of possibilities for you.

Moonwater SilverClaw has studied with therapists, psychiatrists, and spiritual elders to learn practical methods and spiritual practices so that she could quiet down her own depression symptoms. Moonwater has endured decades in which depression symptoms have been very unfair to her. So, she went on a quest to relieve so much of her own suffering. She was given the intuitive thought: Your fight may be someone's light. Finally, through this course, she's able to share practical and spiritual methods that have empowered her to leave an abusive marriage and move on to a life in which she has served college students in a comparative religion course for over 10 years.

Moonwater's methods have inspired people to express the value they have received.

“Moonwater shares a fresh perspective on spiritual growth.”

- Stephanie J.

“Using Moonwater’s methods, I now feel more in balance, and I experience more times of gratitude.”

- Nancy C.

“Moonwater communicates in a way that's like sharing a nice cup of coffee with a new friend, while you two are taking a walk in the woods. Moonwater has a lot to teach all of us.”

- Angus McMahan

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn to relieve your feelings of depression and overwhelm
  2. Learn simple and powerful spiritual practices to feel better
  3. Develop peace within yourself with the help of Higher Power
  4. Develop calm acceptance of your body type
  5. Experience the Self-Love Meditation
  6. Learn to stay strong even when you have money problems
  7. Discover practical ways of dealing with the Holiday Blues