Sports Broadcasting: How to be a sports radio talk show host

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Course Description

Listen in as the man who discovered Colin Cowherd explains how to kick start your own sportscasting career.

There’s no greater name in sportscasting than ESPN and no more powerful force in radio than the Cumulus and Westwood One networks. Now here’s a rare chance to learn what it takes to be a great sports talk host from a top exec at all these companies. In this course, Bruce Gilbert, former GM at ESPN Radio, and current SVP at the two top networks reveals just what radio pros look for in a new sports talk hire. Gilbert knows from what he speaks. He’s launched the careers of scores of new hosts, including ESPN Radio superstar Colin Cowherd. Listen in as he tells a Sportscasters Mentoring Group 2010 seminar how to develop a topic and discover your own unique sportscaster personality. Topics that are never outdated. Then put his ideas to work as we include several easy to use tools to help you create your own sports talk show. This fast moving, inexpensive course could be the first step to your new career in sports broadcasting or the missing link to take your existing career to the next level.

Be sure to download the talk show guide and aircheck found under Lecture #2.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Plan a talk show.
  2. Create a talk show rundown.
  3. Perform an air check.
  4. Explain the difference between a talk show host and a radio personality.
  5. Brainstorm engaging show topics using a topic tree.
  6. List the attributes of a great announcer.