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Want to learn SQL Server quickly?

In this course, we’ll look in an hour at the SELECT statement.

There are six constituent clauses in this statement: 

  • SELECT – this is akin to the Print statement in other languages, and
  • FROM – this shows your data source,
  • WHERE – this filters down your data source,
  • GROUP BY – this enables the results to be summarised,
  • HAVING – this filters the summary, and
  • ORDER BY – this sorts your results.

We’ll then look at saving your code using both views and procedures.

Finally, we’ll export your reports into Excel, both statistically (copy and paste) and dynamically (so that you always have the latest reports).

In just an hour, you’ll be able to create your own SELECT statements, so you can use them in SQL Server (SSMS, SSRS and SSIS) and in Excel. This is all you need to start writing and using your own code. Quick and easily.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Build your own SQL Server SELECT statements.
  2. Use the SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY clauses.
  3. Encapsulate (save) your statements as views or procedures.
  4. Dynamically connect the results of your SELECT statements into Excel.