Startup Your Life - Find Purpose in Your Work & Life

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Course Description

Great comprehensive course that encourages reflection and rethinking. Pascal is a sympathetic trainer who looks very authentic through his open nature. His cheerful and easy demeanor motivates throughout the course. Since the course helped me a lot I would like to recommend it without any restrictions.

Very good structure step by step to reach your own calling. Great workshop materials!

I have worked with Pascal personally, he is a gread coach and I can really recommend him. This course complemented our sessions and I discovered something new for myself or something I already knew became even more evident through this course.


Create the life, the career and the future that you really want !!!

Recognize your hidden talents and skills, develop your personality and get the life you want!

• You do not have the career and future prospects you could have?
• Others seem to be in the fast lane while stuck in your job?
• You often drive through your life with the handbrake on?

Then this workshop is for you!

If we do not have the job that fills us, it's because we do not know what we really really need to be happy and fulfilled at work. Finding out is one of the toughest jobs there is.

Often we hear: you just have to find out what you want and follow your dream. Being able to pursue your dream, however, requires a lot: a crystal clear knowledge of yourself, your personal work needs and skills that make you unique. Knowing and positioning yourself is the ability that makes you independent and free. The better you know yourself, the better you can adapt your circumstances to your needs and make decisions for your future in all areas of life.

That's what this workshop is all about.


We will answer the central questions
• Who and how am I?
• Where do I go professionally?
• What are my goals?
• How do I reach them?

You will develop a clear concept of you, your needs at work and career goals for the future, and have a documented foundation that serves as a compass in every situation.


How we do this:
Businesses have a business plan, in which they define themselves and the business for the years to come and plan the way to their goals. They define their values, their services, their products, customers, business processes and everything that has to do with their actions. How about seeing yourself as a life business that you systematically explore?

The process is called "Business Modeling" and that's what this workshop is all about.

Here, in many inspiring workshops, you will develop your own personal "Future Model", which will help you to find your calling. By defining who you are, what you can do and where you want to go, you have a unique opportunity to actively work on your future and ultimately your happiness.


The result:
Maximum inspiration, endless new ideas for your future and a real plan for the next steps towards a confident and fulfilling working life.


What the benefits are:
• Clarity about your skills and competences
• Knowledge about your needs, strengths and motivation drivers
• The sweet spot of your interests, personality and abilities
• Your individual personal "Business Model"
• Documents, materials, notebook and everything you need.
• What brings you into the flow at work
• Why you are dissatisfied with your work so far


About me
As an independent designer and NLP Coach & Gestalt Therapist I help people and companies to become the best version of themselves, to define their personality and to communicate authentically.

My own search for myself has brought me through virtually all forms of professional and personal development. From graphic artist to owner, pilgrim, impact coach and Gestalt therapist. I share my knowledge in groups and in workshops that combine a wide variety of formats and strategies to give participants completely new insights.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will optimize your career without an expensive coach
  2. You will find your calling and purpose at work
  3. You can approach self-confident and decisive career change
  4. You can choose the perfect job for your personality
  5. You can make full use of your strengths
  6. You know your goals for work & life