Step by step guide to generating new sales for your business

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Course Description

Having a great idea and setting up your business is just the start of your journey. You may have a number of questions you would like some help with:

  • Where do I find new customers?

  • How can i find customers when I have no budget?

  • What are the best and worst ways to getting new clients?

  • Do I need a website?

  • How do I build a mailing list and why do i need one?

  • What tools do I need to use?

  • Once I have won a customer, how do I keep and grow them?

This course will answer these questions and many more. It is the A to Z of proven sales and marketing techniques developed by me in my 30 years in business. In this hands-on and practical course I will show you and give you templates and pre written documents on how to create your sales funnel, how to really understand your customers and how to effectively network. I will help you create your database/mailing list and explore how to create an engaging website. I will discuss the use of social media and give you a step by step guide to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to promote your business and engage with your target customer. I will outline a failsafe 4 step process to running and closing a sales meeting as well as a guide to writing the winning proposal.

By the end of the course you will have the focus, tools and templates to create highly successful low cost sales & marketing campaigns that will deliver business and grow your revenues.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to generate leads and convert them into customers. From freelancers to large SMEs

Course content

13 sections • 39 lectures • 2h 26m total length