Step by Step Guide to Giving a Last Minute Presentation

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Course Description

Welcome to a "Step by Step Guide to Putting Together a Last Minute Presentation".

This is a beginners course aimed at teaching you how to put together a presentation at short notice and deliver it with confidence. You do not need to have any prior Public Speaking knowledge or experience. We start the course by covering the basics, which include looking at who your audience are, how many people will be in the audience, where you will be delivering your talk and whether you will be using visual aids (PowerPoint).,

Then we go on to look at how to write your talk so that it fits in with the time given. We then look at defining your main points, opening your talk, signposting the presentation, expanding on your main points, summarising your talk and leaving your audience with a key takeaway. I the go on to chat about how to handle the Q&As, and in the Bits & Bobs, I talk about nerves, body language and how to dress for a speech.

I then deliver a full 5-10 min presentation to the camera so that you can see how all the elements come together.

Each lesson comprises a talking head video and following Feedback from the students on my previous Udemy course (Public Speaking for the Terrified", the videos are much shorter, with each video around 5 minutes (except for my full presentation) and there are exercises to go with each video.

I will be adding additional resource material and a few more videos in the coming weeks and will update the videos to keep them relevant.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Put together and Deliver a Presentation at short notice