Stick baton how to use in Krabi Krabong Thai martial art

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Course Description

The short baton is part of the Thai sword technique. By adjusting to suit the situation Ie when a primary weapon such as a sword or knife cannot be carried with you. If going with bare hands, it's not safe. It also has a short baton. Better to go with it than nothing comes in your hand. In addition, the short stick is easier to find. There are many to choose from according to your needs. Or will be used heavily until it is damaged, it is not a pity And because it is something close to you that is easy to find It is even more important to learn how to make good use of that wood. Because when necessary To protect yourself, your property, or your loved ones Academic use of this short mace will be ready.

The practice of using this short stick Will give you confidence Have leadership that is ready to protect And prevent disaster That will come in all forms It is also a practice to focus on practicing and controlling the gestures. And training equipment in hand The more you practice, the more proficient you will be. More and more proficient Until you can not use this as if it were your own arm. At this stage Even without any equipment in your hand, you will always have the knowledge to use according to your intuition.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Correct control of the club
  2. Quick and efficient use
  3. Build your own critical skills
  4. There is no use, it is better to use it without