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A Comprehensive and simple course on stock markets.A course created and designed for beginners , enthusiasts, traders and investors.

You will learn about trading and investing in stock markets. The trainer will go through many complicated topics but will explain them in the most simplistic manner and with real life examples.

You will be provided with extensive study materials related to the topics being covered during the classes. Each study material is carefully prepared with a lot of real life examples to make the concepts more relatable.

  • Basics of stock markets.

  • Terminologies & Basic Introduction.

  • Fundamental analysis basics.

  • Financial statement basics.

  • Financial ratio analysis.

  • Creating your portfolio.

  • Introduction to technical analysis.

  • Introduction to indicators.

  • Introduction to sentiment analysis

Expected Outcomes

  1. Stock Market Trading
  2. Fundamental Analysis
  3. Technical Analysis
  4. Sentiment Analysis
  5. How to pick a company?
  6. When to enter the stock and when to exit the stock?